Born (1984) and raised in Rotterdam. Travelling, running marathons and listening to jazz music is what I love to do.  After I graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy for art and design in  2007, I started off my career as an interior designer.
While working as an interior designer I gradually  began to realize I am good at visualizing stories. That is when my interest in photography became more evident.
In 2010 I began to photograph my own environment without an actual plan. Slowly but surely, an ongoing curiosity became a specialty. 
As a self taught photographer I think it is important to take as many photos as possible and to be close to my subject at all times.

I am a straight forward person, who likes to laugh a lot and will listen carefully to your ideas. 

photo Sophia van den Hoek

some of my clients:

BuroDesk | STIBAT | SKEPP | Prorail Amsterdam | Het Nederlands Tekstbureau | Itab b.v. | Kindergarden | Story Studio | OCS Steelcase | Zij Aan Zij | Expreszo | Savills | Marie Claire | D66 | Rijkswaterstaat | De Koffie Salon | Oxyma | D&B Facility | Politie Rijnmond | Ministerie van OC&W | KWA Amersfoort | Dreamassist | De nieuwe HAVO | Sparta  | Rotterdamse Taxi Centrale | Workwire | Albeda | Evelien Lulofs | De Boomstraat | Polis Advocaten

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