Born (1984) and raised in Rotterdam. Travelling, running marathons and listening to jazz music is what I love to do.  After I graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy for art and design in  2007, I started off my career as an interior designer.
While working as an interior designer I gradually  began to realize I am very good at visualizing stories. That is when my interest in photography became more evident.
In 2010 I began to photograph my own environment without an actual plan. Slowly but surely, an ongoing curiosity became a specialty. 
As a self taught photographer I think it is important to take as many photos as possible and to be close to my subject at all times.

I am a straight forward person, who likes to laugh a lot and will listen carefully to your ideas. 

photo Sophia van den Hoek

some clients:

BuroDesk, STIBAT, SKEPP, Prorail Amterdam, Het Nederlands Tekstbureau, Itab b.v., Kindergarden, Story Studio, Jeen Berting, OCS Steelcase, Zij Aan Zij, Expreszo, Savills, Marie Claire (NL), What Women Want, D66 Rotterdam, De Balie Amsterdam, Rijkswaterstaat Utrecht, De Koffie Salon Amsterdam, Oxyma, D&B Facility, Politie Rotterdam Noord, Ministerie van OC&W, KWA Amersfoort, PvdA Rotterdam, Dreamassist, de Nieuwe HAVO Amsterdam, Sparta Rotterdam, Jan Jaap Coach, De Boomstraat Maaike Boomstra, Het Rotterdams Wijktheater, Rotterdamse Taxi Centrale

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